diRectMedia is designed for the convenience of users to burn CD / DVD in such a way that the CD / DVD is burned with the customized labels and these entire operations are carried out without manual interference and is completely automatic. This system can be placed next to each of these product like diPacs and diVision or even be used in all sectors simultaneously.

This system is designed in two models, single-tank (20 hoop of CD or DVD) and two tanks (50 rings of CD DVD). The special features of this product are the label design capabilities, according to the customers’ point of view as well as printing out the date.


Supporting DICOM V3.0

  • Connection to all imaging devices with DICOM output to the system.
  • Support of Storage Commitment for devices that use this protocol.
  • Possibility to use even for old devices that do not possess the Commitment protocol.

Burning media types (CD / DVD / Blue Ray)

  • Ability to burn all types of media (CD, DVD, BR).
  • Supporting 4 GB and 9 GB DVDs. BR with 25 gigabytes and 50 gigabytes capacity.

 simultaneous Burn

  • Ability to release 2 test pieces simultaneously to increase speed.
  • It can be used as a drive if another drive fails until troubleshooting.

Burning patient CD and Archive

  • Possibility of simultaneous use, as a CD presentation to the patient as well as for test archiving.
  • Defining the use of any of the bins.

Removal policies

  • Ability to define a variety of bin removal policies for patient CDs and archives.
  • Intelligent setting for operation in terms of size.



Printing on Media

  • Printing testimonial information and patient specifications on media.
  • Possibility to set the printing of different types of labels on media.

Defining the desired label and logo

  • Possibility to define the healthcare center’s label and logo.
  • Ability to define labels for each channel and modalities.

Channel management

  • Defining the communication channel for each device and its corresponding harvest policy.

Automatic operation

  • The system commences its operation without having the user to log in.

Warnings and messages

  • If media placement is not accordant with the definition in the system.
  • It is possible to print the error tag if there is a problem with burning.
  • In the event of repeated error (wrong placement of the CDs)