The diScript system substitutes the old printers’ film, which prints images, received from modalities onto A3 or A4 papers instead of radiology film, which in addition to reducing the medical costs of the center can be delivered as a diagnostic help with a CD to the patient.

This system improves the quality of the images, containing the center’s specification onto the printed paper, so that when used with high DPI printers, it can produce high quality output and competitive with the outdated radiology films.




Compatible with all modalities

  • Dicom images’ converter on post-script paper printers.
  • Compatible with all devices that work with common imagers.

Supporting DICOM standard

  • Supports DICOM 3.0.
  • Supports Grayscale and Color Print DICOM.

Supporting different paper sizes

  • Printing on A3 A4 A5 simultaneously.
  • Defining communication channels and different paper sizes for each channel.
  • Equalize the dimensions of standard stereotypes with standard paper sizes.

Supporting Xerox printers

  • Supporting high-quality Xerox printers and other PostScript printers.

Supporting Windows Printers

  • Supporting all common inkjet and laser printers.
  • Small A5 and special printers
  • Ability to queue prints in case of printer failure.



Defining margin and annotation

  • Possibility to define the desired margin of the HealthCare center.
  • It is possible to print the logo, text, and desired specifications on paper.

Supporting various combinations

  • Supporting all possible combinations and sent by devices.

Quality adjustment

  • Brightness adjustable and image quality for each channel.
  • It is possible to convert the color images to black and white.

Job Management

  • Ability to view and manage received Jobs.
  • Ability to record orders and received jobs for future analysis.