diVision classicdiVision Classic

diVision system is a program that is accessible for professionals and users to retrieve images via diPacs system and the hospital network. The program with its simple and functional design, has provide the possibility to receive and review the images immediately. In a way that 5 seconds is sufficient to receive the patient’s image with 100 images.

It has many functions such as Window Level, Zoom / Pan, Annotation … as well as advanced operations ROI, CT Number, Scott View, Synchronization (Auto / Manual), Export to AVI, JPG. MPR. Documentation is also possible in Word or Dynamic format, so that the standard forms of documentation is utilizable and definable in the division system. It also allows users to burn     CD / DVD and even transfer the images on their flash memory.

If the professionals run diVision on their home laptop or desktop computer they will be able to view images and report on them with help of internet just like as they’re in the office and send them to the health care center.


Simple operations on images

  • To Zoom, Pan, Invert, Window Level, Rotate, Inverse, Flip on image

Process and measurement of the images

  • Measurements of length, surface, angle, obstruction level , STD, CT Number and MPR implementation on the image


  • Detection of series relationships in comparison with each other through Reference Line, Probe 3D.
  • Synchronize Images and Synchronization

Composition and arrangement and Hanging Protocol

  • The composition of the images in the desired format, the composition of the series in the desired format

Image Information (DICOM Tags)

  • It is possible to define necessary and customizable information and tags for each modal separately

Playing Images

  • Ability to play back angiogram images with adjustable speed and also playback the images of CT, MR devices at the desired speed.

Burn patients’ images on CD & DVD

  • Auto Viewer with CD / DVD / Flash with all the features

Printing capabilities and DICOM Print

  • By the use of the Filming feature
  • Setting arbitrary combinations.
  • Compatible with all standard imagers.



Marking (Annotation)

  • Marking via Line, Text, Arrow, FreeHand and adjusting their color and size.


  • Ability to inject DICOM files and compression when in-built.
  • It is possible to convert various format images to DICOM.


  • Extract patient’s image files to DICOM format with DICOMDIR.
  • Converting DICOM Images to Jpeg, Bmp, Tiff.

Sending images

  • Uploading images to other servers or imaging devices


  • Providing a diagnostic report by a specialist physician and transfer reports on the server. As well as converting the report to PDF format when burning cd.

Voice report feature

  • Ability to generate audio reports through the recorder.
  • Broadcasting audio reports through the pedal.
  • Storing Reports as Structured Report

Access levels and multi-user

  • Supporting different users and the ability to determine the access level of each of them.

Patient editing (with access control)

  • Possibility of editing patient information in the event of proper user-defined access.




diVision Pro

The diVision Pro, is exclusively designed for professional use such as ,specialized radiologists and experts who, in addition to the usual tools and 2D processing of images, require virtual imaging and 3D processing with advanced functions in MPRs, MIP and MinIP.

In the user interface of this system, all professional diagnostic tools are implemented for the ease of access, in a way that, all the necessary features is accessible in a panel without the need for a side software.




MIP feature

  • The ability to run MIP in all directions is Axial, Sagittal, Coronal and also oblique and user-oriented, along with the ability to determine the depth and width of the MIP with an extremely easy user interface.

Presentation of MPR in real time

  • In the MPR provided in the Pro version, there is the possibility to drag the desired slice and view the real time changes.

Volume Rendering

  • The ability to build 3D and VRT on any desired series of images with the possibility of Window Leveling while observing the views of Axial, Sagittal, Coronal.



Presentation of 3D + MPR

  • Running 3D + MPR, which in addition to the three standard aspects, displays the 3D views in real time.

Providing SSD and MinIP

  • Both features are provided in the 3D module and the user can use it as needed.


  • Color Map table has 10 pre-designed color maps and the ability to define the custom color map by the user and apply it to the 3D View.