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What is diPacs?

Dipacs is the central core of Medical Center’s PACS, which is responsible for storing and managing medical images and their information centrally.For this purpose, the Pacs service specifications are defined in all imaging devices of the center, and afterwards, the entire images are sent to the system for diagnostic operations automatically and will be classified and managed according to the initial information of the patient.

What is diVision?

diVision, a practical software, which can be run on the Windows operating system, and is considered for the use of viewing and reviewing medical images with basic and advanced operations.With a simple design and easy usage, provides the possibility of receiving and browsing images.Within this application, reporting can be done in text and audio forms, in such way that standard reporting forms on medical images can be defined in the system.

What is ZEUS?

Tahavolat Novin Yademan Company, has launched a unique and developed user station, called ZEUS.Apart from all the features of division software, namely, the ability to download images from various servers and healthcare centers automatically, a professional and at the same time simple reporting system, and Voice and text reporting features, ZEUS possess unique functionalities, including: 3D display, image integration and panoramic display.

What is Karname?

The Karname system has been developed to transfer information from the HIS to the imaging department and also to report the results of the imaging department to the HIS.Generally, imaging devices support the ASCII format to display the letters, that’s why there are no Persian letters shown in these devices.Karname has paved the way for radiologists.  A smart engine has been installed in Karname, with the help of which, Persian names can be converted to Latin writing mode.

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Innovation is the creation of value for the customer through the implementation of ideas and creativity. Knowledge-Based Company, Tahavolat novin yademan, as a leading company in the field of medical imaging software production, has been constantly put the presentation of the latest software technologies, on the agenda of MarcoPacs Research and Innovation department.

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