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Knowledge-based company, Tahavolat Novin Yademan-Marco pacs , producer and provider of hospitals comprehensive pacs systems and it’s complementary products, with more than 616 covered Health care centers throughout the country, has constantly strived to provide the covered centers with the leading and latest services, by presenting its latest achievements, conform to the international standards, in the field of archiving and transmission of medical images.
Marco Pacs with the objective of presenting online and up to date services, has made the customers’ satisfaction its first priority. And during its more than 17 years of operational experience in this field, the company by the use of technological solutions has been able to be at the service of its customer’s in the shortest possible time.

Comprehensive cooperation with numeral medical universities, including Tehran, Iran, Markazi, Semnan, Hormozgan, Yazd, Zanjan, North Khorasan, specialized, private and military medical centers in the country, has led to fulfilment of wide range of requirements and requests by Marco Pacs product collections


Promotion of the services level of medical imaging to the patients by equipping the physicians, specialists and medical center’s staff with a facile and secure access to the information and imaging archives from anywhere and enabling them to present their diagnostic reports.


Researching and developing the solutions based on information technology in the medical industry to manage and transfer medical images with the objective of accelerating and minimizing the process of imaging and presenting the final reports to the patients.


The largest provider of solutions and software networking in the field of medical imaging in the country at the end of the first decade of activity and the largest in the region at the end of the second decade.

616+Centers under the provision
191816019+Number of available tests
23242472740+Total recorded images

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