Converting radiographic films to paper

The diScript system is the best alternative to the film of outdated printers and is provided by Tahavloat Novin Yademan Company. The function of which is to print images sent from different modalities on A3 or A4 paper instead of on radiological film and by ordinary printers. Not only diScript significantly reduces the costs of the medical center, but also it can be used as a diagnostic aid, delivered to the patient along with the CD.

This system allows users to improve the quality of images and insert the center’s specifications on the printed paper. So that if printers with high DPI is used, high quality output and competitive with the film, can be produced.

Job management in Printer Server


Possibility of viewing and managing incoming jobs

Possibility of recording received commands and jobs for future analysis

Supporting solar date in the printer server


Supporting solar date so as to print on radiographic film on printer server

Supporting Xerox printers


Supporting high quality XEROX printers and other PostScript printers

Supporting Windows Printer

  • Supporting all common inkjet and laser printers
  • Small A5 and special printers
  • Ability to queue prints in case of printer failure

Quality adjustment

  • Ability to adjust the brightness and image quality for each channel
  • Ability to convert color images to black and white

Supporting different paper sizes

  • Simultaneous printing on A3 A4 A5 papers
  • Defining communication channels and different paper sizes for each channel
  • Equating the dimensions of standard radiographic films with the dimensions of standard papers

Supporting Dicom Standard

  • Supporting DICOM 3.0 standard
  • Supporting Grayscale and Color Print Dicom

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