Tahavolat Novin Yademan Company’s products

Tahavolat novin Yademan Company has been constantly attempting to respond to the requirements of the physicians, specialists, managers and supervisors of medical centers. Moreover, the company has uninterruptedly been a leader in the presentation of modern services in the field of Pacs system and the products related to medical imaging. The products which are offered by the Marco Pacs team and supported continuously, can be viewed on this page and get acquainted with the long-term goals and vision of this company.


The central core of PACS, to archive and manage images and information


Advanced web-based platform, to view, diagnose and report on medical images


Achieving digital hospital


Medical Workstation

With unique features in displaying medical images


Medical Application

Windows based application to manage, review and report on medical images


Comprehensive medical networks solution

Printer Server

Converting radiographic films to paper

Publish and print media

Automatic CD  burning and label printing