Central core of PACS

diPacs functions as the central core of the healthcare center’s pacs, and provides centralized Storage and management of the images and also information. To do so , after the installation of the dipacs it is crucial to define the dipacs specifications in different modalities such as (CT,MR,XA,US,…) then the entire images  and the exams of the diagnostic operations will be sent to dipacs. It should be noted that some modalities can submit the images automatically, in which case there is no need to send images manually by an expert.


Persian and multilingual support


Network and internet servers


Retrieving images


Unlimited number of studies


Controlling access levels


Database support

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Network and internet server

Locating on a local network or Internet platform and providing the possibility to search and retrieve images by users with managed access.

Images archive

Transferring old images to other storages and maintaining new patients’ information to ensure the speed of searching operations and retrieval of images.

Images Searching feature

Receiving required instructions to search in the archive of images, according to the patient’s request.

diPacs- Central core of PACS designated to archive and manage patients’ medical images and data

Simultaneous Compression

 Real-time compression with DICOM standard as (Lossless, Lossy, RLE)

Receiving and managing reports

Receiving and archiving reports, carried out by experts and physicians.

 Integration with HIS and RIS

The possibility of integrating the system with the HIS of the healthcare Center, to receive the patient’s Persian name and other clinical information.

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