Publish and print media

Automatic CD burning and label printing

Direct Media publishing and printing system is designed to facilitate the work of the center’s users, in the field of CD / DVD burning, so that the center’s CD / DVD’s are burned fully automatically, without any manual interference and are labeled with the center’s desired label. This system can be placed next to any of diPacs and Division products or even centrally used by all departments simultaneous.

Simultaneous burning


Possibility of publishing 2 tests simultaneously to increase speed

Possibility of using as one drive in case of failure of another drive, until the troubleshooting

CD burning for a patient or archiving


Possibility of using simultaneously, both as a CD presentation to the Patient or for the means of archiving tests

Defining the use of each Bin

Automatic performance


The system initiates its operation without the need for user login

Supporting Dicom V3.0

  • Connecting the entire imaging devices to the system, with Dicom V3.0 output
  • Supporting Storage Commitment for devices that use this protocol
  • The possibility of using even for old devices that don’t possess the Commitment protocol

Burning all kinds of media

  • Ability to burn all types of media (CD, DVD, BR).
  • Supporting 4GB and 9GB DVDs. BR with volumes of 25 GB and 50 GB

Print media and labelling

  • Printing test information and patient details on media
  • Ability to set to print different types of labels on media
  • Ability to define the desired label and logo of the center
  • Ability to define different labels (Channel) for each modality
  • Ability to print imaging date or media release date in solar

Warnings and messages

  • If the placement of the media is not as defined in the system
  • If while burning a problem occurs, it is possible to print an error tag
  • In case of repeated errors (for example, placing CDs upside down)

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