User station

With its simple and practical design, this program provides specialists with immediate receiving and browsing of images. In such way that normally, to receive images of a patient with 100 images, less than 5 seconds is sufficient.

This program has several features such as the following:

 High loading speed


Audio and text reporting

Report link

Automatic download schedule


Defining multiple servers

Multi server

Retrieving images


Images Custom layout

Hanging Protocol

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Entire necessary tools for specialists and experts in the field of medical imaging, in one single software with ease of use and high security

Medical images printing/Filming

With the help of this feature, the specialist can put the desired images of a patient along with all the annotations and other information of the images on one single page and print them in the desired settings.



The possibility of marking medical images through Line, Text, Arrow, FreeHand and adjust their color and size.

Probe 3D

Probe 3D is one of the most applicable division’s tools, by the help of which, the expert can view a point in the image, at other main angles of imaging.

This tool, makes it facile for the specialist to identify the exact coordinates of the desired point.

Retrieving images | Mpr

In body imaging, the images may be taken from one of the axial plane, coronal plane, or sagittal plane angles.

With the MPR technique, the received frames from these images can be retrieved, in order to be examined from other angles, than the usual 3 angles.With the MPR feature in Division, specialists are able to retrieve the initial image (Raw), taken from different angles (axial, coronal, sagittal) from other angles. This tool is one of the most accurate tools that helps in more accurate diagnosis.

Instructions for using the Division user station

The redesign of this program in the new version, provides a different experience for the user, in such way that working with the program, whether for remote access to images (remote) or when the images are stored locally on the user’s computer, is the same and similar.

Tahavolat Novin Yademan Company has produced and lunched segmented instructional videos and made them available to the public for the convenience of using the Division user station.

In this section, entering the client, selecting the server and basic search tools are reviewed.

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