Achieving Digital Hospital

This system is set up independently on a server, and in a managed way, communicates with HIS server, Pacs server and medical imaging devices. Karname has the possibility of two-way connection with all HIS systems.Regardless of which Pacs or HIS system is being used, activists in the field of radiology, can get benefit of Karname for the improvement of speed, performance of the healthcare center, and also prevention of user errors.

Karname system uses a smart engine to convert Persian to English. By the means of this engine, the name conversion process is carried out mechanically and automatically. Shortly, the Persian name is received from HIS and the English form is sent to the imaging device.

Elimination of data entry error done by the user of imaging device

Increasing the speed of customer servic

Rooting out billing for the patients

Creating a single standard for entering usernames from Persian to English

The operational process of the Karnameh system

The operational process of the Karnameh system in a referral of a patient to the healthcare center, within the process of which imaging is required, the operational process of providing services to the patient by the Karnameh system can be considered as follows

  • Referral of the patinet to the health care center and registering the request and information in HIS
  • Automatic transmission of patient's informmation to the imaging device
  • Imaging of the patient
  • Announcement of imagaing completion to HIS
  • Image transmission to PACS

Karname system usage instruction

The existence of a system for the means of communication through HIS and imaging devices seems somewhat crucial.
This connection requires and calls for the presentation of features like, converting Persian or English information in HIS to English or Persian information recorded in the imaging device, high speed in information exchange and internal security of this system.
For getting the most out of the features of Karname system, please do read its complete user guide.

Communication with HIS / RIS systems

Nowadays there are numerous hospital information management softwares in the country and are implemented with various methods and technologies and have their own independent structures. According to dynamic infrastructure of Karname system, it can be linked with these softwares and carry out the sending and receiving process of the information.

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