Web-based application

Metric, provides the users with access to images through the web. In such way that, having connection to the internet and entering the healthcare center’s website, and performing authentication steps, are sufficient to have access to the patients’ list, their medical images and information.

Pacs security

High security and possessing security

assessment certificate from Afta organization

PACS management

User management

PACS record

Audio and text reporting on the web

Presenting advanced tools for

analysis and diagnosis of images

No limitation on image size

Compatible with all the platforms

Learn more about Metric

Get all medical images available in Dicom quality on the web

Other features of Metric


No limitations or boundaries to the number of modalities

Creating users and roles


 Displaying Dicom images on the web


The possibility of selecting chosen patients for each individual user


The possibility of defining managed access levels even at the Study level

Instructions on how to use the metric web-based platform   

The web-based system (Metric) provides users with access to images via the web, so that only by accessing the Internet and connecting to the health care Center’s Web Site, after performing the authentication steps, the list of patients will be available.

With the help of the built-in features and tools, the user will have no trouble reviewing images whatsoever.

Tahavolat Novin Yademan Company has had produced and lunched videos for guidance and made them available to the public, for the convenience of using the Metric web-based platform.

In this video, you will see the use of the medical images rotation tool in Metric.

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