Medical Workstation

ZEUS is a windows based applicable application which is considered for a wide range of users and professionals. Moreover it can meet all the needs of users in the best possible way, with ease and high security.

Fusion Imaging

Displaying the images’ information in an integrated way, increases its efficiency and can enhance the detection accuracy in some cases. In order to combine the information contained in two images in different modalities and to show them with each other, the fusion imaging is used. In ZEUS (Medical Workstation), the image integration feature in both automatic and manual modes can be applied.

3D Display

Medical images standardly are being imaged in one of the axial, coronal or sagittal directions, which these images in 2D displays are displayable in standard directions. In a sense, the images are actually taken from organs of the body, each of which is a 3D object. As a matter of fact, in each of 2D images, a section of a 3D organ such as the brain, liver, lungs, or an injury are shown as a tumor, and we do not have vision in its true form in 3D mode. In some cases, the tissue or organ may be at an angle that is not well seen in neither of the 2D views, while in the 3D state it occupies a considerable volume. In conclusion, the ability to display 3D images will be of great help in the diagnosis of a doctor or radiologist.

Mpr Curve

This feature is more for the use dentists. These images are similar to standard images and are consist of multiple frames, each of which displays a section of a patient’s jaw. CBCT is a 3D image and unlike OPG that is a 2D image, can provide the physician with more accurate information. However, in these images the specialist is not able to see the entire teeth in one view. Using a panoramic display allows the physician to create OPG view, by the CBCT images and have access to the depth information simultaneously.

Guide to using ZEUS Medical Workstation

ZEUS (Medical Workstation) is developed by Tahavolat Novin Yademan Company, which possess utterly, all the capabilities such as: The ability to download images from various servers and health care centers automatically, a professional yet simple reporting system, as well as the ability to report in audio and text form. Other unique features of ZEUS include 3D display, image integration and panoramic display.

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