Introducing mrcopacs

Introducing MARCO PACS

The Knowledge Based, MARCO PACS , the manufacturer and provider of Health Care centers’ comprehensive PACS systems and its complementary products, with more than 480 coverage centers nationwide, with its latest achievements in the field of archiving and transmission of medical images in accordance with the latest Standards, Has been constantly attempting to provide the customers with the most up to date services.

MARCO PACS’s objective is presenting updated and online services. Customers Satisfaction is its top priority, and over 17 years of operational experience in this field, by the technological solutions, has gained the customers trust.

Comprehensive collaboration with central provinces, Such as Hormozgan, Yazd, Zanjan, North Khorasan, Iran and Tehran University of Medical Sciences, and more than 20 other university of medical sciences, different types of medical centers, has led to satisfying wide range of expectations.

As a further demonstration of our engagement towards a total quality, the quality management system adopted by MARCO PACS is certified as compliant to  the ISO 13485 (medical devices, quality management systems) standards.


Researching and developing the solutions based on information technology in the medical industry to manage and transfer medical images with the objective of minimizing the process of imaging and presenting the final reports.


MARCO PACS’s main mission is to promote the services of medical imaging to the patients by equipping the physicians, specialists and medical center’s staff with a facile and secure access to the information and imaging archives from everywhere and of course enabling them to present their diagnostic reports


The greatest supplier of solutions and software-defined networking in the field of medical imaging for the first decade of activity in the country and the greatest in the region at the end of the second decade.

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