Metric ( True DICOM web)

The MARCO Metric Web Server system provides experts to access the images via the Web, in such a way that the expert and the radiologist only by having access to the Internet and connecting to the Website of the healthcare Center and logging in by the username and password can have recourse to the Patients List. And by using the built-in features,  can review the images without any trouble whatsoever.

The design of this system is based on the DICOM standard, and even if the user does not have access to his own computer, by only having access to the Internet can browse the pictures and report on the images.


Reviewing images under the DICOM Standard

  • The entire defined formats in the DICOM standard are visible.
  • Performance based on the DICOM protocol without intermediaries and based on JavaScript technology.

Compatible with all browsers (True Web)

  • Compatibility with all existing browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari without any pre-requisites.

Searching the images and advanced search

  • Searching the images of patients with different conditions and viewing the specifications.
  • Ability to store routine searches.
  • Setting the favorite data of any user and personalization.

 editing the images through the browser

  • Having the Access to patients’ DICOM images, multiple series, and access to images via thumbnail, Zoom and metering features.

Progressive download

  • By choosing each and every series of images, it is downloaded to the web and in the background to provide the user with fastest speed.




  • Reporting by the physician and sending it to the server.
  • Viewing previous reports as well as other users reports (with access control).
  • Ability to report in different languages.

Report Template

  • Ability to define a report template.

Editing information (with access level)

  • The ability to edit information by authorized and defined users in the system.

Sending images

  • Possibility to transfer images to other servers through the web.

Integration with Web HISs

  • The ability to integrate with HISs under the web via the HIS arbitrary protocol.

Users Access level

  • Users’ access levels management capability
  • Managing users access only to authorized resources