Given that the output of the diagnostic operation is eventually implemented by the expert in the form of a report, presenting appropriate solutions in this regard are vital.In this regard, the Marco Pacs systems provide Reporting feature with the following capabilities:

Text: which also includes text search, categorization and tagging


Image / File Attach: It actually contains any file the doctor / specialist considers to attach to the patient’s records as part of the report.

On the other hand, in some healthcare centers the reporting is done at the HIS system and there should be a procedure for exchanging reports with HIS systems.The Report Link product provides the possibility of exchanging two-way reports through the Pacs system and HIS.


Receiving report from HIS system (in three ways)

  • Direct DB Access (via the View DB that the HIS system provides)
  • Access via Library (which is typically done using the DLL provided by HIS)
  • Use of webserivce / webapi if HIS provides this service



Report presenting format to HIS system

  • Access to all reports in the PACS system is provided by the HIS system by the use of WebService.