MARCO PACS group has launched the support systems considering the convenience of the customers in the support sector.

MARCO PACS-SupportRS-Remote Support

One of the competitive advantages of MARCO PACS is the online support within the RS system, which possess extremely high security. In such a way that , As soon as customers contact the support department, the technical experts by the use of the mentioned system, connect to the client or the server and  survey the problem and fix it as soon as possible. It should be noted that in order to use this support service, connection to the internet must be provided.



PMS-PACS Monitoring System

PMS stands for PACS MONITORING SYSTEM, and is also one of the competitive advantages of MARCO PACS . This system is used to monitor the server hardware of the covered health care centers such as the Hard, Ram, CPU and etc., by the MARCO PACS’s support group.In a way that, as soon as the MARCO PACS’S support team detect an error in the hardware of the server, contact the IT department of the Health care center and announce the problem.This feature also requires internet access.

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